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What are video streaming quality settings, and how do I change them?

Video quality determines the look of the video AND the amount of data you use when you’re streaming TV shows or movies. The amount of data you will use is: 

Good       max of 0.7 GB per hour  //     Better    max of 1.7 GB per hour  //     Best       max of 2.6 GB per hour (for HD)   

If you have average eyes, good or better is a perfectly acceptable video quality.  If you have cinephile eyes or your flat screen is fifteen feet across, you’ll probably want best
To change or set the quality on a profile, you have to be the account holder AND you have to log into
·         Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen
·         Select Manage Account and Profiles, from the drop down menu THEN, click the Manage Profiles tab.
·         Pick the profile whose video quality is being set and click the Edit button.
·         Scroll down to where the magic happens:  Max Video Quality.  Select either Good , Better or Best quality.
·         Go ALL the way down the page and hit that SAVE button!
GOOD TO KNOW:  Video quality settings are a general preference. You can’t set video quality on individual devices. Please note that this excludes the video quality setting on the Apple TV as it always streams to the best video quality regardless of the settings.  

ALSO GOOD TO KNOW:  To watch a TV show or movie in high definition (HD) you MUST set your stream quality to the highest setting. 



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